Swing Tags

The United Colors of Benetton collections are marked by swing tags that identify which product group each item belongs to.
Here is a brief guide to help you get your bearings.

United Colors of Benetton is a brand synonymous with tradition and originality.
Benetton.Undercolors is the underwear, homewear and sleepwear line for woman, man and kid.
Stile Benetton. is the trend-lead line for woman and man.
Sartoria Benetton. is the line of products characterized by high quality fabrics, finishes and design.
Benetton.Class is the line of products designed for special occasions.
Benetton.Cashmere expresses the yarn quality in knitwear.
Benetton.Organic Cotton identifies products made of quality organic cotton fibres.
Benetton.Jeans is the swing tag that identifies the blue jeans line; the interior label indicates the style.
Benetton.Baby is the product line entirely dedicated to children under one.
Benetton.Tween is the line dedicated to preteen boys and girls.
Benetton.To you To is the line dedicated to teenagers.