Clothes For Humans

Dress Up Benetton Fall Winter 2016

dress up

Some humans never rest.

Clothes For Humans Benetton Dress Down Collection

dress down

Some humans can’t wait to relax.

Dress to Move Benetton Fall Winter 2016

dress to move

Some humans never rest.


the magalog

How do humans dress? Clothes for Humans is a hybrid publication that integrates our collection’s images with select editorial content about clothes from around the world: not what you see on the runway during fashion week, but what real people put on every day before heading out the door.

Magalog Women Men Benetton Fall Winter 2016

Autumn is on its way. It’s time for a back-to-work wardrobe: throw on a suit, a police uniform or a fireproof suit. In your free time, on the other hand, go with a scarf to bring out your best features or a raincoat to go about the city without sinking.

Magalog Kids Benetton Fall Winter 2016

September is here. Back to school: let’s do it guys, get ready and throw that backpack over your shoulder. In your free time, on the other hand, just be yourselves. Girl or boy, pink or blue, blond or black, trick or treat: it’s all good, as long as it’s up to you.

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