Jackets Shirts Men Benetton Summer 2015
Lightweight and versatile fabrics like linen and cotton usher in the first days of summer, ideal for a casual chic look.
Beachwear Women Girls Undercolors Summer 2015



Rewrite your beach style with an ethnic touch sporting zebra and camouflage print on beachwear and cover ups.
Clothes Women Elegant Benetton Summer 2015
Embrace summer with style and harmony, with pastel colors, rich with impressive workmanship.
Clothes Women Ethnic Benetton Summer 2015
Natural tones, ethnic patterns and bright accessories are your sidekicks during the first hot summer days.
Dresses Girls Casual Benetton Summer 2015
Pastel colours and stylish prints revamp t-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses for your little girl’s summer.
Polos Women Men Benetton Summer 2015
Flowers for her, prints and patches for him. The new colorful polos are timeless apparel for the warm season.
Polos Boy Girl Baby Benetton Spring 2015 – 02
Polo shirts for your kids are here! Casual and versatile, they’re available in a wide range of colors and fun patterns
Shorts Women Undercolors Spring 2015 - 01



Floral patterns, animal prints and micro studs pave the way for this spring’s hottest shorts.
Pajamas Women Men Kids Undercolors Spring 2015 – 01



Maxi writing and a burst of joy, vitamin colors and great prints on pajamas for the whole family.
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