Dressed Collection Women Benetton Fall Winter 2016

Sometimes humans don’t have time to browse their wardrobes and think about their outfit.
That’s not a problem.
Every human will be dressed, no matter what.


Dressed Collection Women Benetton Fall Winter 2016



Those clothes you can’t do without, when you want to wear something that always suits you, no matter how it looks. Our “Dressed” line, where half the selection is knit garments, offers a wide range of colors, cuts and finishes.

Dressed Collection Men Benetton Fall Winter 2016


style icons

Basic, comfy lines make up our knitwear, in wool and warm cotton. Style icons mix with versatile garments, pieces where time and trend know no boundaries.

Dressed Collection Kids Benetton Fall Winter 2016


colors on top

All the color we have to offer for pullovers, t-shirts, padded jackets and functional pants with classic design. For boys and girls it’s the freedom to run, jump and experience every day as they search for adventure.

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