Men's Swimwear

From snug trunks to briefs, to patterned or solid colored shorts: check out the swimsuits in our Men's Beachwear Collection.


About our Swimsuits

Men's Swimwear by Benetton: Quality at Your Fingertips

Men's swimwear by Undercolors of Benetton is synonymous with excellence and timeless style. With just a simple click, you have access to a rich assortment of models, from classic to trendy designs, all made with quality materials that ensure maximum comfort and long-lasting durability.

Crafted with special attention to detail, the swimwear in the new collection stands out for its great versatility.

They are perfect for those who love to enjoy some relaxing moments under the sun, but they are also designed to meet the needs of those who don't stay still even at the beach and enjoy water sports.

If you too are looking for uncompromising quality and style, explore the new collection by Undercolors of Benetton and let yourself be captivated by the new men's swimwear.

Just a few clicks are enough to quickly purchase all your favorites!