Fabrica is the Benetton Group's communications research centre. Founded in 1994 by Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, within the confines of a Venetian villa from the seventeenth century and restored by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, up until today it has played host to more than 800 creative artists under 25 years old, comprising over 65 nationalities. They have been photographers, illustrators, artists, writers, advertisers, directors, musicians, video makers, performers, journalists, graphic designers, developers, hackers and designers. At Fabrica, contemporary communication is experimented in all its forms. Feature films and art installations, social campaigns and books based on photography, concerts, interactive design projects and much more, always with the mindset of creating concoctions from different ideas and disciplines. Fabrica has always been home to a rich cultural program that's open to the public and includes workshops, conferences, performances, festivals, exhibitions and seminars.